halal menu 


wagyu (Special Japanese beef) ¥1,500

Sirloin Steak                               ¥1,300

Rump Steak                                ¥1,000

SALAD  ¥680

radish salad    

Prawn & avocados salad

A slice of bacon(beef) salad with soft boiled egg



pasta  with anchovy and olive oil ¥880

Japanese peperoncino       ¥880

Season's vegetable Pasta      ¥880

                      DON & RICE

Chicken with Teriyaki source Donburi ¥650

Japanese Omelette rice        ¥880

Japanese Carry & rice         ¥650



COLD TOFU                ¥350

French Fries                ¥350

sweet potato fries with honey

EDAMAME(green soy beans)  peperoncino     


Pot-au-fue of beef tongue with vegetable  


Fried chicken with radish and soy souse 


Fried chicken with leek and salt based sauce 


Fried cuttlefish with leek        ¥650

Seasons carpaccio           ¥650

 bagna cauda dip  from garlic,anchovies,olive oil 


sauteed chicken              ¥650



DRINK ¥350




Melon soda


Ginger ale

Tomato juice

Orange juice

Grapefruit juice

Acerola juice

Mango juice

Banana juice

Apple juice

Woolongong tea



we are muslim friendly restaurant.

you can enjoying halal food  at our restaurant.

and we have a English menu.but staff are can't speak well:( sorry...

 we accept reservation party (buffet style of halal food) 

(from 30 people to 70 people)   

 we are fully equipped with a stage, a microphone, illumination.


2-4-2 kaminagoya nishiku nagoya aichi





near station 

joushin (tsurumai line)